What is organic food and why should you think about eating it?

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What is organic food and why should you think about eating it?

What is organic food and why should you think about eating it?
People often think about the benefits that organic food can provide. Organic food is food that has not been grown with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic food is important if you want to reduce your body's exposure to heavy metals and any toxins. Also, eating organic food means that you will consume less fat, salt, and sugar as opposed to eating conventional foods.

Organic foods are foods that have not been grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic foods certainly have their disadvantages. But the benefits seriously outweigh any possible problems. Organic food gives us: safety from toxins, taste and great freshness. Because of the health benefits, many people are increasingly choosing organic foods. Restaurants are listening to this and trying to satisfy their desires.

What are the main benefits?

The benefits are really many. Eating organic foods will have a great effect on your health, because you will get much less fat, salt and sugar than you would if you ate conventional foods. Organic food not only tastes better, but it can also keep you safe from various toxic elements.


  • Significant reduction in pesticides.
  • Minimum exposure to chemicals that are used to transport and produce foods. Such chemicals contribute to the development of various physical diseases (cancer, allergies, etc.)
  • Tastes much better than conventional products

Finding organic food may not be easy, but there are some ways to help you do it:
  • You can find a market in your city that has several organic food vendors. Compare prices and analyze where you would buy best.
  • Look for special signs that say "organic food".
  • Look for products that are grown in your area or in your region. This is why most professional chefs try to go shopping themselves to find a good supplier.
  • Ask the market staff about where to find organic products. If there is no clear labeling, you will definitely need good advice.

Healthy Cooking Tips

Cooking organic food may not seem like such a cheap deal, but it really isn't.

Using coupons and buying in bulk can make the whole process much cheaper.

Use more creativity and creativity when you start choosing a dish. There are a really large number of recipes that use organic food.

It's also a good idea to have your own bed and a small plot of land so you can always have access to fresh produce.

Here are some recipes that use organic food:
  • Summer salad with dill vinaigrette - let's add some berries, apples, cucumbers and oranges. Adding dandelion greens and avocados is also a good option. For a richer flavor - add olive oil. This would be a great tasty summer salad if you want to watch out for your health.
  • Vegan pilaf using quinoa and with sweet roasted potatoes - mix coconut milk with quinoa (you can use another non-dairy alternative). Add salt before serving. The potatoes should be cut into large pieces. Place them in the oven so they don't interfere with each other. Coat your potatoes with rapeseed oil or olive oil (the main thing is not to add too much).

So what are the main reasons for using organic food?

  • Organic foods can be even cheaper than conventional foods, especially if you know where to look and know how to find the best deal.
  • If you want to reduce your risk of cancer, organic food is the perfect option for you. They have 90 percent fewer toxic compounds.
  • Huge amounts of nutrients. Organically grown foods contain more magnesium and vitamin C. Children who eat organic food will grow up much stronger and healthier. 
  • Organic foods are much more nutritious than normal foods. They are very high in antioxidants, which help in the prevention of serious diseases.

That's not all the benefits! Children who eat organic food are much less likely to have asthma attacks.

Organic foods are essential for our lives and for building a balanced diet. They have a great effect on the human body. Organic foods have much less negative impact on the environment because of the way they are produced.  Organic food is a more natural way of living without the unnecessary chemicals that spoil both your health and our planet.

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