Ordering food to your home. 5 tips for not gaining too much weight

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Ordering food to your home. 5 tips for not gaining too much weight

Ordering food to your home. 5 tips for not gaining too much weight
Recently, the development of remote work has led to the fact that people are increasingly ordering food at home. You choose what you want to eat and stop your eyes at something tasty, but not the healthiest.

How do you choose the right food?

Of course, ordering unhealthy tasty food is really easy. Most apps won't let you examine the amount of healthy nutrients in a dish or even count calories. So it becomes much harder to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy.

The next time you decide to order takeout, use the following five tips to help you choose something right:

1. Grill instead of fried

Almost everyone loves fried food, but it's important to fight the urge to eat it all the time. Fried foods have many more calories, fats, and carbohydrates. Eating fried food will not only increase your weight, but it will also generally give you more negatives than benefits. Restaurants often use the same oil repeatedly, which accumulates trans fats - and your body doesn't need them at all.

2. Substituting a side dish

If you want to order something healthy, try to steer clear of French fries or mashed potatoes (even though it can be so difficult).

Replace your potatoes with something starch-free vegetable - like lettuce, carrots or broccoli. If you think you'll stay hungry after that - just get more veggies. You'll have the variety you need, and you'll stay satiated at the same time.

3. Salads

At first glance, salad is the healthiest item on the menu. But it can easily be turned into something unhealthy. It seems like a salad should be a good source of lean protein and vegetables, but sometimes it ends up with so much unhealthy creamy dressing that it will give you even more calories than a big piece of pork.

Check the contents of the salad before ordering it.

4. Unhealthy and healthy

Sometimes it's really hard to choose and you just want to trust what's offered to you. Some apps have special filters that leave only "healthy" food, but this can actually mislead you. Sometimes a "healthy" meal can contain up to 1,500 calories, so study the composition carefully.

5. Don't eat straight out of the container

This problem remains in restaurants and delivery services alike. Sometimes you get a portion that is too large and you eat much more than you originally planned.

Most sizes are actually designed for more than one person. Take all the food out of the container and put it on a regular 8-10 inch plate. Preferably, the plate should contain exactly half the vegetables, a quarter of the plate should consist of proteins, and a quarter should consist of carbs.

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